Ned Claxton
State Senator for Senate District 20

About Ned Claxton

A History of Serving the Community


Throughout Ned Claxton's career as a family physician serving families in the greater Lewiston/Auburn area, he has worked to improve the health of individuals and families, taught a new generation of family physicians, and partnered with others to improve the quality of care at Central Maine Healthcare. Because of these experiences and work on local and state health efforts, Claxton has a firsthand understanding of the need for healthcare, the pain of the opioid crisis, the cost of prescription drugs, and the need to rebuild our public healthcare system.

As a small business owner and job creator, he has seen firsthand how varied social and economic issues challenge families, and how the state can play an important role in supporting their lives. A good paying stable job is a critical need. Without it, families struggle; with it, they can prosper.

Elected to hIs first term representing Maine District 20 in 2018, Senator Claxton immediately went to work for his district and all Mainers. He worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass unanimous health care reform to ensure affordable life-saving medication for those who need it. He also sponsored legislation to protect homeowners and worked across the aisle to pass a number of bills to support Maine people and businesses adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

A second term in the Maine Senate will make it possible for Ned to continue his significant work in Augusta advocating for working families and improving the lives of all Mainers.

On the Issues

Property Taxes

Rising property taxes are making it difficult for many Mainers to afford to stay in their homes. This session, Senator Claxton helped pass a bill giving a total of $130 million in direct property tax relief to people across the state. He also supported increasing the Property Tax Fairness Credit, which allows seniors to save up to $1,200 in property taxes, and eligible working Mainers and families to save up to $750 on property taxes or rent.

In his second term, Senator Claxton will continue to make lowering property taxes a top priority.

Making Government Work

Many complex issues face Maine today, from job creation and access to healthcare to educational funding and the needs of our veterans. Within the limits of a balanced state budget, Ned is committed to finding solutions to these and other key issues through respectful collaboration with his colleagues. In this session, his work as chair of the Committee on State and Local Government helped the committee—composed of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents—unanimously advance many bills for passage by the full legislature.


A long-time outdoorsman and trail steward, Ned strongly believes in the importance of a healthy environment. He earned a 100% rating in the Maine Conservation Voters’ 2020 Environmental Scorecard (along with the organization’s endorsement), due to his support for the successful passage of laws addressing climate change by investing in solar power, increasing renewable energy, and reducing carbon pollution. He supported other milestone laws to strengthen water quality standards and fishing rights (particularly for Tribes in Maine), and ban single-use plastic bags, polystyrene containers, and coal tar.


For decades, patients trusted Ned to work with them during good times as well as difficult times. He believes fully that everybody deserves access to quality, affordable healthcare, no matter their economic situation.

That's why Senator Claxton worked with Democrats and Republicans to pass first-in-the-nation health care reforms that earned unanimous, bipartisan support in the Senate.

Calling on his experiences with patients as a healthcare provider, Senator Claxton sponsored a bill to protect patients from abusive billing practices and unnecessary patient fees. It requires providers to alert patients when they’ve been referred out-of-network, gives Medicare patients more information about the potential cost of care, and protects patients from unnecessary, unexplained bills when they make appointments with new providers.


As a former small-business owner and job creator, Ned knows what it takes to create good-paying jobs in the area. Ned also knows that far too often, working Mainers are left behind.

Ned took his experience to Augusta and voted for a first-in-the-nation earned paid time off policy, meaning that Mainers no longer have to choose between their health and their paycheck. He also fought to ensure equal pay for equal work in order to stop wage discrimination.

Senator Claxton earned perfect scores from the Maine Education Association and the Maine AFL-CIO for his votes to support teachers and other working families and to strengthen workers’ rights. Both organizations have endorsed him for reelection.

A Proven Leader

Working Together to Get Things Done

Ned believes that by working together we can help make Maine a better place to raise families and grow businesses. Too much division and too many rigid positions are getting in the way of finding solutions that will help working Mainers make progress. With his experience starting and growing small businesses, his familiarity with the complexities of health care issues, and his record of being a trusted listener, Dr. Ned Claxton will continue to contribute immensely to the challenging work of a citizen legislature.

For decades, patients have trusted Dr. Claxton. He's listened to their concerns and issues and by working together he's helped them find ways to help them get closer to where they want to be – physically and emotionally. All of Dr. Claxton's professional success has been based on working with other people, whether to start and grow a medical practice, improve a physician training program, or improve healthcare quality. Dr. Claxton will continue to bring that commitment to working together in the legislature, to find other legislators who think that way, and to come up with better solutions.

Too much energy now goes into staking out positions and defending them and not enough goes into helping the working middle class of Maine. We can do better in supporting and helping Maine’s people. Senator Ned Claxton will continue to rise above partisan bickering and work collaboratively to deliver real solutions to the challenges facing everyday Mainers.


As a former physician and small-business owner, Senator Claxton understands the importance of a safe, scientifically-informed approach to reopening Maine’s rural towns. He also understands that small-businesses are the backbone of Maine's rural economy. As we weather the COVID-19 pandemic, Senator Claxton promises to put the health, safety, and economic interests of his constituents first.

That's why, in March, Senator Claxton joined a bipartisan effort and voted in favor of a number of bills to support Maine people and businesses adversely affected by COVID-19. In May, he joined a Republican colleague in asking the governor to consider allowing some businesses in rural areas of Androscoggin and Cumberland counties to reopen.

COVID-19 has created crucial budget challenges for the next few years. Ned looks forward to using his strong work ethic and collaborative skills to help the Maine legislature come up with the best solutions for Mainers going forward.


Local Support

Community members from Auburn, New Gloucester, Poland, Minot, and Mechanic Falls share why they support re-electing Ned Claxton to the Maine Senate.

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